Today when there is a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), laboratories run by law enforcement are on the scene as soon as possible to gather evidence for law enforcement. Recently, a select few Criminal Defense Attorneys have been trained to review forensic evidence in order to make sure innocent people are not convicted on “Junk Science.”

Some criminal defense lawyers claim to be “Criminal Trial Specialists.” Do not get confused, most attorneys who are “Criminal Trial Specialists,” will end up hiring a Forensic Counsel at your cost. Yes, they will charge you extra, and it will be expensive. Artie Martinez has multiple certificates of training, including training in DNA, Finger Print, Blood Splatter, Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Serology, Computer Evidence, Smart Phone Evidence, Photographic and Video Evidence. Artie is also a member of the American Academy of Forensic Science. He has not only been trained in Forensic Science, but he has lectured on these topics as well. Artie also has extensive trial experience having done over 100 jury trials at both State and Federal Court levels.

Artie has trial experience with forensic evidence, he has also been hired by top Law Firms including the Meshbesher and Spence Law Firm in Minneapolis. If you are accused of a crime and there is a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) make sure you hire someone with the skill to make sure “Junk Science” does not put you in prison.